About the job


1. Promoting and selling mutual fund to potential clients
2. Supporting potential clients with account opening procedures
3. Maintain positive relationship with existing clients
4. Achieve monthly target


1. Bachelor degree from relevant majors
2. Minimum 3 years experience in marketing field
3. Experience in selling mutual funds or other financial products is a plus
4. Have database of potential clients
5. Target oriented
6. Skills in sales, presentation, and communication
7. Preferably have WAPERD (Mutual Fund Selling Agent Representative) and/or WMI (Investment Manager Representative) permit.
8. Certifications relevant to sales, for example: certificates of selling skills training, certificates of achievement of sales, etc.

About HP Financials

Henan Putihrai is an integrated financial services group and was one of the founding members of IDX in 1990.

For many years, HP Financial positioned itself as a customer-oriented financial service provider with its main objective to provide custom-made and personal solutions to our customers with a variety of expertise and creative solutions.

To achieve its mission to bring investment products accessible to Indonesia's society, HP Financial develop Investment Management Companies: PT Henan Putihrai Sekuritas (HP Sekuritas) which focuses on Stocks Market, and PT Henan Putihrai Asset Management (HP Asset Management) that focuses on Mutual Funds.

Together, HP Sekuritas and HP Asset Management collaborate to create accommodating, practical, and informative investment products and services.