About the job

Company Overview

“Vascommers” aim to deliver BRIGHT solution for your business. We have established partnerships with telecommunication companies and banks to build and develop a branchless banking system, server-based e-money system, and internal information systems. We enhance the experience of many business lines who need to grow and spread their market area towards many cities in Indonesia.

To expand the business, Vascomm also built a startup company. The startup company that was built was given the name PT. Visi Syariah Umat which focuses on sharia banking and cooperatives.

Employee Benefits

8 Hours Flexible Working Time

Fun working place

Support and Clear Supervision

Competitive Salary

Overtime and Business Trip fees

Health Insurance Program

Project commission

Bonus Based Program

Employee Training and Development

Career Path

We’re looking for Project Management Officer. This position include activities like communications, scheduling and risk management. They are also involved in making the budget, reports as well as other types of activities related to administrative support.


  • Responsible for manage and create development plan and delivery plan based on project scope and time agreement with client
  • Responsible for managing resources in the project
  • Responsible for project reporting and monitoring
  • Responsible for adjustment to development delivery plans
  • Responsible for managing project needs and project agenda with client
  • Responsible for create and manage document


  • Bachelor degree from IT related major such as information system, computer engineering
  • Have experience as project management for at least 1 year
  • Able to understand and objectify obstacles in terms of technical and non-technical thorough the project and proceed them to team member to find the right solution
  • Understand the system in outline, database, basic of programming and github, project life cycle dan software development life cycle.
  • Understand the SCRUM process and SCRUM Master tasks
  • Understand technical documents related to software development and Understand general and technical terms related to software development.
  • Able to work individually and as a team also Have good time management skills
  • Having good interpersonal skill and able to communicate well with other team member

About Visicloud

VISICLOUD adalah penyedia Software as a Service bagi pelaku ekonomi dan keuangan syariah. Misi kami adalah memberikan layanan dan pengalaman digital terbaik bagi pengguna, dengan menjunjung tinggi prinsip-prinsip syariah.

VISICLOUD is a Software as a Service provider for Islamic economics and finance players. Our mission is to provide the best digital services and experiences for users, by upholding sharia principles. We are a tech enabler for stakeholders, in an effort to digitize and integrate the Islamic economic and financial ecosystem.