• Pria/Wanita
  • Usia 18 s/d 27
  • Pendidikan SMA/K Sederajat
  • Pengalaman/Non Pengalaman
  • Siap Kerja Shift
  • Rajin
  • Disiplin
  • Jujur
  • Bertanggung Jawab


  • Menghitung pendapatan harian
  • Memantau pengeluaran restoran
  • Memastikan mesin kasir berfungsi dengan baik
  • Melakukan transaksi dengan pelanggan
  • Menerima pesanan
  • Memberi informasi mengenai produk
  • Memberikan pelayanan yang ramah

About KFC Indonesia

As the only franchise holder of KFC brand in Indonesia, PT Fast Food Indonesia Tbk was founded in 1978 by the Gelael Family. In 1979, the Company acquired the franchise with the opening of the very first restaurant outlet in October at Jalan Melawai in Jakarta. The first outlet proved to be successful and paved the way for the opening of more additional outlets in Jakarta and expansion of its regional coverage to include other major cities in Indonesia, like Bandung, Semarang, Surabaya, Medan, Makassar, and Manado. With continuous success in building the brand, KFC was instilled in the mind of customers becoming a by-word and a dominant brand in fast food franchise business in Indonesia.

Always be the no.1 QSR brand in Indonesia and maintain this market leadership by being the most modern and favorite restaurant in terms of product, value, service, and assets.

Strengthening KFC brand image through innovative strategies and ideas, continuously providing unparalleled customer dining experience and consistently providing quality products, services, and assets suited to customers' changing needs and taste.

Provide the most modern & trendy store appearance and design offering good ambience with the most comfortable seating by continuously undertaking renovation and serving top quality food suited to customer preferences with speed and hospitality beyond compare.