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Thanks for stopping by. We know job hunting can be a little time-consuming and you’re probably keen to find out what’s on offer, so we’ll get straight to the point.

What You’d Be Doing In This Role

As Canva scales change continues to be part of our DNA. But we like to think that’s all part of the fun. So this will give you the flavour of the type of things you’ll be working on when you start, but this will likely evolve.

We are looking for a talented Educational Content Reviewer who will evaluate the content and alignment of Canva’s educational templates with the Indonesian curriculum – guiding our content production to ensure our templates are relevant, engaging, and appropriate for students in Indonesia. As a Content Reviewer, you will be expected to apply your expertise in the Indonesian curriculum to guide creative teams in creating effective and curriculum-aligned templates across a wide range of subjects (e.g. Math, Science, Language, Art).

This is a rare opportunity for teachers, educational content and/or curriculum writers accustomed to working independently and looking to develop their craft by challenging themselves creatively.

What You’ll Do

  • Review and provide feedback on the curriculum alignment of content, activities and learning assessments developed for Canva’s educational content library
  • Ensure the elements (illustrations, animations, photos and/or videos) used are appropriate for their intended educational purpose, and the designed content (e.g. template) facilitates the development of the curriculum skill it is targeted at
  • Partnering with the third-party education vendor and Project Manager to ensure deadlines are met and educational content is built in alignment with the country’s national curriculum

About You

  • You’re an experienced teacher or curriculum developer in Indonesia, adept at creating effective content for learning modules, textbooks, or e-learning platforms
  • You’re passionate about education and highly interested in finding ways to support teachers and students through content.
  • You have a knack for crafting engaging lessons and creative assessment activities.
  • You enjoy reading various texts and can effectively adapt them to learning materials.
  • You value the importance of identifying reputable sources and citing them accordingly.
  • You understand what students and teachers need in the current education landscape, applying those learnings and best practices to your content evaluation.
  • You can thoroughly follow a project brief, proactively clarify details and provide suggestions, conduct quick research, and convert all information into excellent digital learning content.

To Apply, Please Share With Us

  • Resume
  • A link or PDF to your portfolio/work samples

About The Team

Education is now at the forefront of Canva’s content goals. Our product has empowered teachers and students alike to create and design for free through Canva for Education. To better support online and offline learning, we have set up a dedicated Education team aimed at elevating and scaling Canva’s education content offering with grade-level-appropriate and subject-specific resources suitable for printing and digital delivery.