About the job

Your daily routine will be:

  • Design and implement a firmware for IoT device;
  • Hardware prototyping and create proof of concept;
  • Documenting design decision and progress;
  • Make suggestion and review on hardware design;
  • Interacting and collaborating on a daily basis with product teams and fellow engineers;

You’ll excel it, if you:

In general

  • Experienced with C/C++ programming and OOP concept. Bonus point if you familiar with Design Pattern and using modelling diagram;
  • Experienced with ESP32 microcontroller, using both arduino and ESP-IDF Framework;
  • Familiar with git, VSCode, and Platformio;
  • Bonus point: familiar with multi thread RTOS like freeRTOS.

Split focus, either one or both.

1. Embedded System Programming Focus:

  • Able to read and review electronic schematic;
  • Experienced with sensors. Bonus point if you ever done sensor data fusion, or time sensitive data sensor reading scenario;
  • Experienced with actuators. Bonus point if you ever done complex control system;
  • Understand various wired communication interface such as: SPI, I2C, Serial, RS-485;
  • Experienced with non-volatile storage device like SD Card, or SPI Flash Memory;

2. Connected Device Focus:

  • Experienced with wireless technology such as: WiFi, BLE, LoRa, Thread;
  • Experienced with communication / messaging protocol like MQTT;
  • Experienced with data serialization;
  • Deep Understanding on network stack layer and topology for IoT devices;

About eFishery

Founded in 2013, eFishery is the first Aquaculture Technology startup in Asia that develops innovations in the aquaculture field. eFishery disrupts traditional fish farming methods and provides cutting edge solutions in the aquaculture ecosystem by offering an end-to-end platform that provides access to feed, financing, and market to fish and shrimp farmers. eFishery aims to build an aquaculture ecosystem in Indonesia that is not only profitable but also sustainable to the farmers, buyers, and to all stakeholders.