About the job

📌 About team

  • You will join the Growth Team in Indonesia.
  • The Growth Team consists of Partnership Manager, Contents Marketer, Contents Creator and CS Manager.
  • Communication with internal members is active every day, and you can share your concerns with your fellow teammates for better products.
  • Ultimately, we aim to transform all of our online business experiences into mobile, delivering an overwhelming gap to our seller users!

📌 What we work together when you join

  • Make a scheme for In-app Promotion, Implement & Analyze result.
  • Set & Monitoring Google Ads, Facebook Ads and other Social Networking Service.
  • Analyze users’ data and analyze it to improve services.
  • Make a Performance Marketing Plan for new user acquisition, Implement & Analyze result.
  • You have the right to decide the direction of the business, performance(engagement) and profits, and you set goals and strategies for yourself. In this process, we decide the ‘best direction’ after sufficient discussion with the Growth Team members.

📌 We want to work with

  • Someone who has a deep understanding of mobile products regardless of domain.
  • Someone who has experience in creating results or failing through an AGILE process.
  • Someone who is logical and reasonable in the process of connecting from vision, strategy, and mission to business impact that you define to solve the problem.
  • Need an Analytic Mindset that solves various and complex problems based on data.
  • It’s good to have experience in defining and solving problems from the customer’s point of view.

📌 We recommend you to make a portfolio, like

  • Please describe clearly your handled Product/Service/Project’s definition of problem – Hypothesis establishment – Action & Validation – Result
  • Please express your experience of directly contributing and achieving numerical results or improvement in business indicators.
  • Please write objectively and logically the criteria that you judged as success or failure in your product experience.

About PT Sellury Global Indonesia

Sellury is a technology startup company that helps the Indonesian SMEs to grow their business by being P2P Aggregator in Indonesia, and also provides the Product Photography tools in order to support Indonesian SMEs to create better product photos. Sellury only works together with the P2P Companies who have obtained an OJK license.

Sellury officially launched in April 2021.

Sellury is originally from South Korea, the operational team of Sellury is based in Jakarta, Indonesia. While the developer team and also Head Quarter office is based in Seoul, South Korea.

Our vision and mission is to provide various services in one App for Indonesian SMEs in order to help them grow their business in the Indonesia market.