About the job

We are entering the new era of 5.0 which data is everything. As our commitment to being a world-class university remains purposeful, we are eager to collaborate with you to enhance our university through data. This role allows you to explore how data can contribute to the university’s trajectory and impact through the graph!


  • Setup, build, and deploy data visualization tools
  • Build a custom dashboard for specific needs
  • Finding insightful and purposeful information from the data source
  • Collaborating with data engineers to select the data to be ingested for constructing valuable insights.


  • Able to setup and visualize using Grafana
  • Proficient in Python Visualization
  • Proficient in React or Vue JS
  • Proficient in API Integration
  • Familiar with data warehousing tools in AWS
  • Skilled in Tableau is a plus
  • Eager to learn new technology