About the job

Job Description

Writing public figure’s profile, movie synopsis, lyrics or chord which are related to entertainment trends and/or issues.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Undergraduate students
  • Able to write public figure’s profile, movie synopsis, lyrics, and chord.
  • Interested in movies and music.
  • Have the ability to work under pressure.
  • Have a passion for journalism.
  • Fluently in English, especially in reading and writing.

Perks And Benefits

  • Work from Home

About Kompas Gramedia

Kompas Gramedia, through its more than 50 years of history, is striving for one goal: enlightening and empowering Indonesia. To ensure that we are able to serve the nation for another 50 years, we are undergoing a digital transformation; strengthening and expanding our solid business pillars by developing new digital business initiatives. Our vision is to enlight all the people in Indonesia with all the knowledge we have.