About the job

  • Menjalankan kegiatan di seluruh Operational Kitchen dan melakukan supervisi terhadap Staff
  • Memberikan training kepada seluruh Staff di Kitchen
  • Bertanggungjawab untuk kebersihan dan sanitasi di area Kitchen dan seluruh staff

Job Requirement:

  • Memiliki latar belakang pendidikan hospitality dan pengalaman minimum 2 tahun sebagai sous chef
  • Memiliki kepemimpinan dan komunikasi yang baik
  • Memiliki passion dan kreativitas yang tinggi dalam memasak dan memahami cara perhitungan cost
  • Menyiapkan dan menghasilkan makanan berkualitas menggunakan resep dan porsi yang telah ditentukan oleh perusahaan

About Ismaya Group

Founded in 2003, ISMAYA GROUP is a market leader in conceptualizing, developing and operating exclusive yet diverse group of lifestyle properties in the region. Every one of our projects embodies the ISMAYA philosophy, providing a distinctive concept in a unique setting with an emphasis on excellent product, superior service, and genuine value. What we do is to take something ordinary and infuse it with our soul, emotion, and meaning; and then we tell its story over and over again. The result is a truly memorable lifestyle experiences.

In recent years, we've been fortunate to receive acknowledgements and awards from our customers and industry peers. Our properties have been featured in Wallpaper, BBC World, CNN, Surface, Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, Australian Financial Review, Infrarouge (French), Destinasian, Globe Asia, The Jakarta Post, Jakarta Globe, and have won awards from many prestigious local and international publications.

ISMAYA Group Companies are:

Restaurant Concept
-Pizza Ebirra
-Sushi Groove (Jakarta & Shanghai)
-The People's Cafe
-Tokyo Belly
-Publik Markette
-Sejuice Me
-Markette (Dubai)
-Djournal Coffee
-Djournal House

Lifestyle Concept
- Mr Fox
- Skye
- GIA (Jakarta & Dubai)
- Social House
- Manarai Beach House

Nightlife Concept
- Blowfish
- Puro
- Dragonfly (Jakarta & Kuala Lumpur)
- AA

Event Festival / Artist Management
- Ismaya Live
- Djakarta Warehouse Project
- We The Fest
-On Off Festival
- Jakarta Culinary Feastival
- Inspire Artistry

Independent Record Label
- Darlin Records

More Info:
Instagram: @ismaya & @ismylifeatismaya
Youtube: Life at Ismaya