About the job

Part Time / Full Time – Remote (WFAA – Work from Anywhere, Anytime)

COMMISSION + BONUS BASED – Open for Internship Students.

Calling All MILLENIALS who are bored with 9-5 job, tired of being a corporate slave to make your employer’s dream a reality (and not yours 😅)

(Please read all descriptions and details thoroughly)

Do you ever wish to :

• ✅Start your own business empire with minimum capital and expenses

• ✅Work remote (WFH) entirely from anywhere?…

• ✅Earn 20-100++ mio (monthly) income in the 1st year…

• ✅Get weekly bonuses (cash bonus 500k,1mio,2mio, iPad)

• ✅Start owning assets (house, cars, apartment) within 5 years

• ✅FREE TRIP to Busan+Daegu or Spain / Umroh+

• ✅Achieve financial freedom before the age of 40! (travel the world, enjoy life with no limit afterwards =D)

Are you able and willing to:

• ✅”Empty your glass” and learn from the best Agency in the Industry? We have the best coaching and training system in the industry.

• ✅Enjoy the process and WORK HARD !!

• ✅Do it all from the comfort of your own home / cafe / resort…

• ✅Do it all on your own time and pace…

IF and only IF you think you’re capable…

And DARE yourselves to overcome the obstacles

And WILLING to sacrifice your time and energy to EARN financial freedom in 7 years time..

Then… CLICK APPLY to start your journey with Vision Allianz


Allianz Life Insurance and Vision Agency is expanding our business in Indonesia and we are seeking for energetic, client-oriented, entrepreneur minded professionals to our Insurance Business Entrepreneurship program. Our first year candidates make 20-100mio/month with a potential of 300++mio/month within the first 3 years. A fast paced & intensive 2 months coaching program and support is available for new Business Partners to help JUMP START your business empire journey.


1st stage : Business Executive (initiation stage)

Manage all phases of the sales cycle—from prospecting clients to close and follow-up support. Represent a full line of insurance and financial products, serving as a trusted advisor to businesses and individuals. (3 months FAST TRACK program to Business Partner Position)

2nd stage: Business Partner

Now shift your focus to build your business empire by recruiting new partners, and continue by training, coaching, and motivating via the proven Vision Agency Training system.


• ✅19-35 y/o, good looking.

• ✅INDONESIAN nationality only! (KTP ONLY not KITAS/KITAP holder)

• ✅Undergrads / Fresh Grads from well known Universities / Colleges are welcomed.

• ✅Open minded, willing to learn new things and open to new opportunities.

• ✅Outgoing, Service oriented, Communicative, Energetic, strong Interpersonal skills

• ✅Hard working, self motivated and always have a positive attitude

• ✅Willing to complete a training program, including insurance licensing requirements.

• ✅Previous sales or management experience is a plus point.

• ✅Know How of digital marketing (IG/FB/Twitter/TikTok) is an advantage.

• ✅Work from Home / WFA (Work from Anywhere)

• ✅Reside anywhere in Indonesia.

• ✅Ownership of Apple iPad is a huge advantage (yes Allianz goes full digital)

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” – Lao Tzu