Hello everyone,

Currently MamaBear (CV Manna Indo Lakta) looking for Accounting Coordinator position based in Surabaya Barat, with these qualification:

– Conducting financial audits.
– Carry out analysis and interpretation of financial information data.
– Monitoring and evaluating monthly financial reports.
– Able to prepare financial reports.
– Have experience related to taxes, especially PPh Pasal 4 Ayat 2, PPh Pasal 21, PPh Pasal 23, PPN, and Annual Corporate SPT.

– Maximum age 35 years.
– Have experience in the field for at least 2 years and have experience as a leader.
– Honest, accurate, and detailed.
– Have a sense of responsibility and can work together with a team or individually.
– Willing to travel on business if necessary.

For those who are interested, please register at the following link: